October 25, 2017

Airline Marketing

airline marketing
Airline Marketing

In-flight advertising is a new age marketing medium, considered one of the most effective ways to target a captive audience.

Advertisers target specific audiences and reach millions of people on thousands of flights every day through this interactive form of advertising. Due to the receptive environment on a flight, recall value of an ad is extremely high.

In today’s competitive business environment Aviation Marketing is the resource your brand NEEDS. It therefore helps to achieve business goals such as “Greater sales”, “Market share”, “Awareness” or “Strategic Advantage”.

Beyond just a logo or slogan on hoardings, aviation branding is furthermore a projection of the corporate image that resonates with core customers in a targeted marketplace.


 Our experience in in-flight advertising includes:-

  • Boarding pass branding
  • Headrest covers
  • Overhead bins branding
  • Seat-back advertising
  • Bulk heads
  • Sampling & Announcements
  • Menu-card branding
  • In Flight Entertainment