13 Reasons to Execute Airport Advertising to Reach Target Audience

airport advertising
So how does the industry promote advertising as a good airport investment and vice versa?

Point 1:

is concerned mainly with business travellers.
• 56% of business travellers are from AB socio-economic group
• 79% of business travellers “expect to see ventures and corporate advertising”
• Business travellers are key decision makers in every area of spend within their organization
• Business travellers are often tech savvy, early adopters of new technology and globally focused

Point 2

• 85% of passengers enjoy appealing airport advertising
• 85% of passengers are open to explore more about new products and services at the airports
• 71% spend time to read advertising messages

Point 3

Concerned with the ‘range of mindsets’ through various stages of the airport journey. It exhibits that the
highest ‘arousal rate’ is at the check-in and departure levels, where short, visual, impactful messages are
shown. In contrast, arousal is only limited at the shopping stage (e.g. Duty Free) demanding more trendy,
informative messages.

Point 4

Research deeper into the psychology of purchasing decisions and identifies different state of mind (top line)
and the required advertising messages (lower line) at every level of the airport journey.

Point 5

Considering passenger reaction to branding. It concludes that:
• 92% of passengers believes that airline marketing enhances a brand’s international status
• 91% consent that brands gain benefits from advertising in airports
• 67% await to perceive international brands at the airport
• 60% of business travellers agree that airports are the most influencial & effective place to advertise &
broadcast International B2B brands

Point 6

Describes an airport audience as ‘influential.’
• Airports are the best platform to reach influential audience
• Influencing on purchasing behaviour of peers
• Appreciation, Admiration and influence of advertising
Airport advertising has the power to grab the attention, make a connection and truly influence the audience
even after those exposed have departed
• Ads have a longer term impact on airport business travellers & their audience memory

Point 7

Reveal that dwell time is higher at airports than in other OOH environments.
• Average time a passenger spends at an airport is 2.5 or 3 hours – greater than railways, waterways ,
underground and bus stops
• Airport media may create a genuinely stronger impact amongst business travellers due to longer dwell time
• Increasing dwell time allows opportunities for audiences to absorb & grasp the message and remember the brand
in future
• Airport advertising can drive, stimulate & encourage passengers to retail, web or shop visits
• Responses to Airport ads are 20% higher than roadside

Point 8

Emphasis on Duty Free advertising, which it explains as ‘retail therapy.’
• An average of 37 minutes is spent whilst shopping in duty free area.
• 75% likes to shop at the airport
• 56% of C-suite travellers arrive early to glance in the duty free
• 71% of travellers do not plan to buy at airports, but encourages impulse purchases
• 79% of passengers enjoy browsing around the shops & brands at the airport
• 85% say they enjoy, happy & excited whilst shopping at an airport
• 71% of passengers enjoy shopping at the airport and are open to sales advice regarding what to buy
• 72% of passengers buy gifts at World Duty Free (a brand)
• 86% of travellers make a purchase in the airport departure lounge

Point 9

Identifies the most appropriate places to advertise consumer products, gifts and treats:

Best purchases in airports:
• Perfume/Aftershave
• Alcohol
• Newspapers/Magazines
• Drinks
• Books

Best 3 gifts:
• Fragrance (68%)
• Alcohol (52%)
• Chocolate and confectionery (44%)

Point 10

Deals with business, finance and technology advertising
• 20% of airport revenue profit come from technology advertising
• 80% of business passengers beleives that global brands are suitable for international profile of airports
• 70% of C-suite corporate travellers await to see B2B advertising in airports
• 50% of business travellers agree that it would be appropriate to see advertising for finance or monetary
deals at the airport when after returning home from a trip

Point 11

“No better place to talk travel”
• No wastage: airport travellers are 100% travel-friendly
• 80% of air travellers plan booking for their next trip at the airport
• 70% of arriving passengers are exploring ideas for their next holiday trip
• 75% are exploring ideas for things to do and places to visit
• 60% are open to explore more about alternative travel options for their journey home

Point 12

Dedicated to digital OOH
• Digital advertising signs at airports offer new & various dimensions to advertisers
• 79% of flyers believes that digital signage could influence them to take action
• 60% of travellers want to download entertainment
• 60% of travellers are likely interested in downloadable discounts, coupons and offers
• Digital Ads responses are 21% higher than static ads

Point 13

Advertising in arrivals areas is somewhat different
• Airports are gateways & platforms to the city they serve
• For residents, homecoming begins at the airport. Brands become cause of positive impact to returning home
• First impression is the last impression. Engage strongly with adverts – greater propensity to buy/sell
• For visitors/audience to the country, advertising provides reassurance and familiarity, help, support,
comfort zone and guidance
• 40% of passengers purchase goods from duty free in arrivals