13 Reasons Why…to Execute Airport Advertising to reach HNI Audience

airport advertising

Point 1:

• Business travellers are key decision makers in every area of spend within their organisation

Point 2

• 85% of passengers enjoy appealing airport advertising
• 71% spend time to read advertising messages

Point 3

• 85% of passengers are open to explore more about new products and services at the airports

Point 4

• 91% consent that brands gain benefits from advertising in airports

Point 5

• 67% await to perceive international brands at the airport

Point 6

• Responses to Airport ads are 20% higher than roadside

Point 7

• Average time a passenger spends at an airport is 2.5 or 3 hours – greater than railways, waterways and bus stops

Point 8

• 60% of business travellers agree that airports are the most influential & effective place to advertise & broadcast International B2B brands

Point 9

• 80% of business passengers believes that global brands are suitable for international profile of airports

Point 10

• 70% of C-suite corporate travellers await to see B2B advertising in airports

Point 11

• 70% of arriving passengers are exploring ideas for their next holiday trip
• 60% are open to explore more about alternative travel options for their journey home

Point 12

• 79% of flyers believes that digital signage could influence them to take action

Point 13

• For residents, homecoming begins at the airport and brands become cause of positive impact to returning home mind-set