Why Consumers Respond to Non-Traditional Ads like in flight advertising?

Some forms of traditional advertising, like newspaper ads, have been around for over a hundred years. Advertising on other traditional media, like radio and television, became common in the 1960s. In the last few years, Non-traditional advertising like Inflight magazine, Airport Advertsing, Airline Advertising and many other has become the standard tactic by which most businesses engage with their audiences.

However, many marketers are now questioning the effectiveness of some of these channels. Direct mail has become increasingly expensive, while Tivo, Netflix and iPods have made it easy for consumers to skip right past TV ads. Is it any wonder that CMOs are looking for unique advertising strategies and channels?

What is Non-Traditional Marketing Exactly?

You most likely know what non-traditional advertising isn’t: it isn’t traditional advertising. But… what is it exactly? Simply put, non-traditional advertising is highly creative and uses unorthodox strategies with the goal of developing striking and memorable experiences that capture consumer interest. A lot of non-traditional marketing involves putting ads in unexpected or unusual places or displaying your messaging in ways that gets a lot of attention.

Why Consumers Respond to Non-Traditional Ads

People crave engagement, which is why they instinctively like non-traditional advertising and view it as more authentic and organic. There’s no denying that today’s consumer is more sophisticated and savvy, but definitely more skeptical and cynical as well. They are, by and large, immune to much of the traditional ads that are hurtling at them every second of every day.

Benefits of Going Non-Traditional

Besides knowing your audience will most likely respond favorably to your messaging, what other benefits do non-traditional ads offer?

These types of ads allow you to really target your specific demographic on THEIR territory. For instance, sneaker manufacturers might place ads on a public basketball court and diaper makers might place them in airport restrooms above the changing station.

Non-traditional advertising can also cost far less than traditional advertising channels like TV and radio spots, which, even in a local market, can costs thousands of dollars. A creative street market campaign can cost less than a hundred dollars with a potentially staggering ROI.

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