October 6, 2018

Hello 6E Indigo Magazine

Advertise in Hello 6E Indigo Magazine

Hello 6E Magazine – Indigo Inflight Magazine

Hello 6E – IndiGo Inflight Magazine is an absolute privileged catalog accessible inside all Domestic Indigo airlines fly across Pan India. The only source of reading material information available to the passengers in order to keep them engaged and involved while browsing the shopping product catalog with an average time of nearly 30 minutes during fly with Indigo Airlines

Advertising in Hello 6E – IndiGo Inflight Magazine provides a gives a distinctive opportunity to Entrepreneurs, Leaders with High Income, Decision Makers, Brand Owners, Professionals, Experts etc to showcase their brand, products or services and reach the attention of target audience and HNI travelers. The Hello 6E Magazines are itself assembled by the standardized publisher and seen by numerous renowned luxurious high-end brands for their advertising campaigns.

Hello 6E Magazine has placed the advertisement of various different brands in the magazine covering different verticals & multiple categories.

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Advertising in Hello 6E Magazine

hello 6E - Indigo Inflight Magazine

Hello 6E In-flight Magazine Media Options and Facts & Figures:

  • Region Covered: India
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Content: Null
  • Airlines: Indigo Airline
  • Total Aircrafts: 167
  • Cateogy : Inflight Catalog
  • Average monthly flyers: Nearly 45+ lacs per month (approx)
  • Domestic Market share: 41.3%
  • Print circulation: 3.5 Lakh Copies circulated every month
  • Advertising Media options:
    • Full Page: Full Page covers the complete page of the Magazine.,
    • Double Spread: A Double Spread Ad placed on two pages of the magazine. A Central Double Spread Ad is placed is placed in the two center pages of the magazine..
    • Covers Page: Ad is displayed within Inner Front Cover on the left hand side, Inner Back Cover on the right hand side and Back Cover of the Magazine. etc.

Evidence of Execution

After publishing advertisement of your ad in Hello 6E Magazine, Blue Mushroom Infozone would send a printed copy of the magazine to the location shared at the time of  booking within 1 working week.  Furthermore, a photo of the advertisement placed in Hello 6E magazine’s will be shared by email.

Hello 6E Magazine Contact

Blue Mushroom Infozone offers an exceptional advertising solutions with a good discount and best rates in Hello 6E Magazine – Inflight Magazine of Indigo Airline. For any query regarding pricing, advertisement, discounts and best rates please write to us at info@bluemushroom.co.in, Or you may also call us at +91- 8976261155

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