October 25, 2017

Sports Marketing

advertising and marketing through sports

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing, Branding and Sponsorship has a transformative power that is capable of driving exponential growth in brand awareness and affinity.

The peculiarity of sports is that “Sport is the only entertainment where the ending is a suspense”. This singular fact is tapped by corporate to their advantage.

Every time the audience attends an event they cannot evade the advertisements, providing a wide range of opportunities to operate in this field.

Some popular sporting events in the country which are game changer in sports marketing are:

  • Cricket (T20, ODI, Test matches, IPL)
  • Kabaddi (Pro Kabaddi League)
  • Football (Indian Super League)

Our expertise in sports advertising includes:

  • Team Jersey branding
  • In Stadium branding
  • Tournament Sponsorship